Arrange halter and cord


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The arranges halter and cord is made out of robinier.
It is protected by two flax oil films carried out by steeping.
The unit presented here is designed to receive halter as well as a cord.

The price given here is for one arranges halter and a cord.
For other quantities, the price with is required.

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40,50 € tax incl.

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The arranges halter and cord is made out of robinier.
It is protected by two flax oil films carried out by steeping.
The unit is composed of a board on which is fixed:
a support of cord, composed of two parts turned in a conical form to prevent that the cord falls. One of the two parts is envisaged to be able to place the tie of the cord.
- a support of halter composed of a part out of half-round file on which we place the halter. On the front of this support, a piece of the smae form, but larger than the support, is fixed firmly to prevent the halter from falling.

Dimensions of the model presented:
Length: 33 cm
Width board of the support: 9 cm
Width of the halter's support: 8 cm
Depth of the halter's support: 8 cm
Length of the cord's support: 11 cm


The arranges halter and the cord can be provided, upon request, to be able to place 1 to 8 halters on a board in one piece.


A metal plate can be placed on the face of the support to indicate the name of the horse.